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Aloha and what a non-stop shock-without-getting-to-grieve time!!!

This memory came up from last year and I was excited and inspired to share it again this year, as the ripple of the #metoo movement is even greater and women are becoming more courageous to tell their story and need more assistance in redefining themselves, especially as we are currently with Venus in the underworld. 

It is a tender time as everyone is facing their own devastation, environmental or emotional.  Our psyches are being stretched, our hearts need to break because they can handle no more. 

I have felt incapacitated by all the news of the California fires and seeing the apocalyptic images of my hometown  Malibu with the hills aflame. The inspiration dried up to post or host anything. 

After having moved through some grief and waking up on 11/11, I see this image and remember my inspiration from last year: 
I went to Kona for a yoga training I deeply admired. I was confronted and shattered by the unprofessional experience, sitting in a tide pool at sunset feeling completely disillusioned. I came here to be empowered, instead I was infuriated, feel betrayed and even emotionally violated by not receiving any kind of support when it was promised and advertised. 

I was in paradise and I was in hell, completely stuck and disempowered. I laid down in the tide pool and released my anguish. I thought about what brought me there, my why. I wanted to help women feel good in their bodies again. I think this type of yoga assists in increasing ones connection to the body swiftly which in turns helps release trauma and in how one feels in general. 

Simultaneously I was in the middle of hosting my Yoni Health journey, which was addressing all types of trauma women have in relationship to their womb, vagina, their cycle and being a woman. 
Knowing all of these women’s stories and wanting so much for women to feel whole, free and safe to express more fully in their bodies.  It is possible and we have to be the directors on reclaiming our power in our stories on a cellular level.  What I realized was this yoga company was conducting business via male agency by mimicking the patriarchy and creating divisiveness. 

We have to go within and find the truth in our hearts so we can understand and refine our own narrative. Our biology is our biography. How can I inspire you to help change your mind in your bodies?

In 2018, I feel it is more dire than ever to find and nourish our inner strength in these chaotic times. It is time to release the emotional pain from the past to withstand these turbulent energies. What we do to ourselves we do to others.  Let’s create models and master  in inspiring and creating life changes. 

A 6 day challenge, beginning today 11/11 from wherever you are in the world, in IG to FB, no limits. This is in honor of #metoo....rising from our own ashes to claim your space on your terms, if there were no objectification or fear of violation...how do you feel attractive, sexy and sensual embodying yourself? What if we could create a new norm of safety to express in puritanical America? Selfies, step on up! Allow me to offer some of my own SOUL-utions by assisting you with self inquiring prompts, replacing fear and trauma in our hearts & psych with #onlythankyou #Iloveyou #withartandsoul

It is so interesting, I feel very passionate about this movement for too many reasons to detail, yet I felt great shame and resistance when thinking of taking action and inviting women (et al) to take this leap, afraid that noone will want to dance, because...afraid of judgement and knowing the self judgement will stop women. I figure if I feel this much reservation, I got to put it out. Upgrades and input in language on this welcome. #Nakedwerise is facing and sharing our truth, showing our vulnerability and being willing to show ourselves unapologetically and provocatively, since we are still sexual and sensual beings filled with radiance no matter what experiences we have had in the past, they are not a reflection of our worthiness to shine our light and beauty. 

I welcome you to try this for YOUr SELF.  Empower yourself by investing this time in yourself with art and soul, investing the time to reflect and command your own beliefs and amplify your truth.  #truenature #changingyourmindinyourbody

1. there will be a prompt every day for reflection, but really there are no rules only innovation 

2. share a selfie or an image that represents how you desire to feel or strive to feel like

3. feel the fear and do it anyway, this is about taking a stand for YOURSELF

4. if you wish, share a story or what you are calling forth in yourself & the world

  1. Share with your friends you love to upgrade together and witness + support each other: #nakedwerise

By spending some time processing some of your stories and emotions of past transgressions and their impact on your self worth and how you move and operate in the world, you will be an active part of your evolutionary development and a sort of conductor of your destiny. You will be creating sustainable awareness to self actualize where your truth lies and how you are free to express your true nature and find a way to integrate your wounded child with infinite compassion and confident safety

Day 1 : TRUTH What is your truth, despite anything that has happened?
How can you tell your body “I am safe to release this pain now, I love you, I’m so sorry. I am leaning into my strength now”

After the wounding, the healing.  Healing takes time and is not linear.  It does not mean you are non-functioning. 

The truth is I am a hero of my own journey. 
“Everything I’ve ever done, everything I’ve ever learned,” she says, “I’m using all of that stuff right now. And all the women that reside in me are now operative.”   ~97 year old female park ranger

I am finally accepting more parts of myself and listening to my body more…by saying, thank you, I love you <3

We define our sexy and how safe we feel by sharing & baring  it on our terms

This is for all genders, shapes + sizes. Pass it on! Flood the feeds with your authenticity + your form of erotica = empowerment

A few random inspirations on my feed are #venusinariesrose#shooglet#lonewolfyoga #sensualcoach

Who is in?
Share with your change makers!

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